60563 – the beginning

Some of you asked me for tutorials… In fact, I hate tutorials… In my opinion tutorials kill creativity and self education, of course it’s only my humble opinion. I don’t want to tell you which transparency mode I’ve used or which filter or adjustment layer you should to use but I want to show you how my process of creation looks.

At first I want to share with you my personal rules and philosophy of digital graphics:

  • no stocks
  • no photoshop brushes (except default ones)
  • no plugins
  • no filters
  • no 3D graphics
  • as many traditional media as possible
  • dirt of paint on my hands is great!

Photos below show first steps of creation process of project 60563 – the last one of them shows finished (probably ;) ) background for this picture. Final picture has 7000 pix width.

Enjoy :)

PS. check this note if you’ll feel suprised of four LCDs on my desk ;)

tools used: white paper, crayons, black ink, acrylics, water, Velpon, Canon 5D camera, PC i7 class machine, Epson V350 PHOTO A4 Scanner, Wacom intous 3 tablet, Adobe Photoshop CS3.

EDIT: finished project no 60563 here

7 thoughts on “60563 – the beginning

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  2. …great work my friend.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences and talent

    from Portugal
    Paulo Canilhas

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