I would like to thank friends from Light Studio and Paweł Mizieliński himself for disinterested help and Bogna (a model) for her hard work and engagement.

Here you may see how was the background of this picture made.

Tools used: Light Studio’s great and expensive equipment, Canon 5D with 28 – 70 2.8 lens, crayons, paper, acrylics, ink, scanner, Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Wacom Intous 3 tablet.

4 thoughts on “60563

  1. Men ! If I didn’t see this step by step slide show I wouldn’t suppose you put such a big effort. That’s great!

  2. dzieki że nie boisz się dzielić z innymi i pokazujesz krok po kroku jak powstają Twoje prace, to bardzo ciekawe śledzić cały proces twórczy

  3. amazing work
    u r soooo talented
    can’t express how perfect your work is … am speechless in front of your photos

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